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Apparel with an overdose of hairbands, heavy metal, '80s pop, and zero grunge.

  • Numb Skull

    Be different! Be Unique! Stand out from the crowd. Numb Skull Collection is a collection of T-shirts with an extraordinary design. This is a collection of T-Shirts for individuals who are passionate about their personality and individuality.

    Numb Skull Collection 
  • Wrestling Star

    The first t-shirt of Julia Hart who made her dreams come true. She wasn't afraid of failure and faced the unknown. A tee that proves that even if the odds are against you, you can still succeed. We no longer sell Julia t-shirts as AEW sells them now.

    Wrestling Star Collection 
  • Teenage Rock Star

    I grew up wanting to be in a rock band and now I get to live the dream by creating t-shirts that celebrate the '80s and listening to rock music. Each design is created out of love for the '80s and rock music

    Teenage Rock Star Collection 

Top 3 Numb Skull T-shirt Countdown

Each month we countdown our biggest selling tees!

Starting the countdown at #3 is the...

Perfect shirt to wear at the grocery store!

Up All Night, Sleep All Day Tee

Our all time best seller!

Roller Girl Breaking Bones and Breaking Hearts

Crazy family picture on vacation in an elevator

Blog Dirty To Me

An '80s kid from Minnesota, USA, grew up next to a motocross track, was raised on MTV, and married my first girlfriend. So what makes me an expert on making Minnesota clothing brands? Nothing! I have a terrible sense of fashion,but I love throwback memories and discussions — Pop art Minnesota that speaks to you.

Numb Skull Designs is a way for me, a 40 something-year-old guy, to be creative and fight depression. The designs will spark conversations about the '80s and or Minnesota items.

People don't understand why I am depressed. I don't get it either, but negative thoughts are there. I have a kick-ass family that I'm proud to have shaped. We invite anyone to follow along the journey of a 26 year married couple, a 30-year-old mom, a 22-year-old professional wrestling star, and the energetic 9-year-old girl.

Tales of a Failed Teenage Rock Star

World Tour that never happened.

GrungehaterS Ball podcast idea that hasn't happened.

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